Are Stellaris Titans Worth Building?

Titans are large ships coming in 3 sections, Bow, Core, and Aft. Unlike other ships a Titan doesn’t have different section types to choose from, but weapons loadout can still be customized to some degree. They consume 16 command points when fielded.

Stellaris Titans are worth building because their Auras benefit any ships in the same system they are in. Their strength doesn’t lie in their weaponry. They are excellent support ships and are not meant to be ships that engage in direct combat.

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Although Titans pack an enormous amount of firepower and can take a significant amount of damage some experienced players dislike them. They prefer to use the 16 points of Naval Capacity to build two Battleships instead, believing there is “more bang for the buck” in that option. They contend that the main disadvantage to the Titan is that it is usually the first ship targeted by the AI. Considering that disadvantage plus their high expenses make it cost ineffective to construct and deploy Titans according to some experienced players.

Everyone agrees that a Titan’s true strength lies in its Aura abilities, which makes it the best support ship in the game.

This is one ship that is better off assigned to a fleet rather than making it a fleet by itself or making a fleet entirely of Titans, simply because it’s a support ship and not a combat ship. Sending it out alone means it can’t defend itself against smaller ships due to the low tracking ability of its weapons. Its slow speed and low evasion will make it an excellent target for enemy ships unless it has a protective screen of Battleships and Destroyers.

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Titan Designs

Titans can be equipped with 1 titan weapon (Perdition Beam) and 6 large weapons.

One interesting design is to set the Titan up for long-range combat since the only type of Combat Computer available to it is the Artillery computer. Install 6 Kinetic Batteries (or whatever type of kinetic weapon is available) and the Titan’s Perdition Beam. If you want to save a little on build and maintenance costs equip it with the smallest reactor you can that still provides enough power for the ship design.

The best that can be done for Titan’s evasion is an improvement of around 12%, even with Advanced Afterburners, so resources will be better spent elsewhere when it comes to equipping the Auxiliary slots. During ship design equip it with the best thrusters you have which will provide an evasion of around 9% at best, unless power consumption or costs are a factor.

A really good choice for a combat computer is the Precognitive Interface. While it has an increased weapons fire rate of 15% instead of the 20% offered by the Sapient Combat Computer, it gives a 5% bonus in tracking, and nice bonus for those large guns.

If your fleets are set up for quick kills equipping the Titan with 3 Auxiliary Fire Control Computers and adding the Targeting Grid Defensive Aura, which provides a +10 tracking to the ships in the system is a very effective design.

If you’re in a battle you know you’re going to win having a Titan equipped with a Subspace Snare is handy. This Titan will reduce an enemy’s disengagement chance by 20% and increase its Emergency FTL Jump Cooldown time by 100%. There’s nothing like “encouraging” an outmatched enemy fleet to stick around a little longer so you can make your point!

A titan equipped with Neutron Launchers is an effective design for melting armor away. Not very effective against shields, but it’s long range plus its high potential for damaging shields and hulls at extremely long range make it ideal for this use.

The most important thing to consider when designing a Titan is its aura ability, and as with almost all ship designs in Stellaris, it depends on the type of enemy you’re facing. Aura effects do not stack so having Titans in the same system with the same Aura abilities will not help but having Titans in the same system with different abilities is a big plus in any battle. If you only have 1 Titan, it can always be refitted to counter the immediate threat you’re facing.

Stellaris Titan Limit

Only 1 titan per 200 Naval Capacity is allowed up to a maximum of 20 Titans. The first Titan counts against a Naval Capacity of 200 or less.  A second Titan can be built when an empire’s Naval Capacity is between 200 to 400, three with a Naval Capacity of 400 to 600, and so on.

Titan Fleets

In the late game a fleet of Battleships and Destroyers to escort your Titans is a viable choice (placing more than 1 titan in a fleet with different Aura effects can work well too). Battleships can be outfitted with Neutron Launchers (long range with good armor and hull damage) and Kinetic Artillery (long range with excellent shield and hull damage) and should also have Artillery Battle Computers installed for increased range as well. Destroyers can be loaded out with point defense to take care of incoming Corvettes and Missiles.

How To Get Titan Ships In Stellaris

Battleship research must be completed first. Since Titans are a tier 5 technology six tier 4 research items will also need to be completed. The Stellaris Wiki gives a detailed breakdown of what tier each research item belongs to if you’re having trouble figuring it out. The Apocalypse DLC needs to be active and a Titan Assembly Yard also needs to be built at a Starbase after it has been upgraded to a Citadel.

Upkeep Costs

Upkeep costs for the Titan are steep. A Titan with a Perdition Beam, 6 Kinetic Batteries, 6 Large Nanocomposite Armor, 6 Large Shields, 3 Auxiliary Fire Control Computers, Antimatter Reactor, Psi Jump Drive, Dark Matter Thrusters, Tachyon Sensors, Precognitive Artillery Interface Battle Computer, and Targeting Grid Defensive Aura ability costs 21.95 energy credits and 4.66 alloys per month in maintenance costs.

Ship Sections

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The Titan has 3 sections, Titan Bow, Titan Core, and Titan Stern. Core and Stern sections combined have 6 large weapon slots and the Bow section has room for 1 Titan weapon. There are no different section types like other ships, Titans can only field six large weapons and one Titan weapon although they do have 12 Utility slots and 3 auxiliary slots.

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