Crusader Kings 3 What Are The Best Buildings?

Crusader Kings 3 is a grand strategy game set in the Middle Ages. In this game you will need There are three main building categories in this game, those with an economic focus, those with a spiritual focus, and those with a Military focus. What exactly is the best type and building to start out with?

The best buildings, especially in the early game, are buildings that increase gold income. If you’re interested in solely increasing Gold income, Farms & Fields is the best choice. These give an additional 0.5 Gold per month. The next choice would be Hunting Grounds since it provides better defenses but less gold.

Go for the Gold! With a large gold reserve you can hire Mercenaries if your army is not up to the task of defending you or expanding your empire. Building structures that build up your military is the second option, but without that gold income you won’t be able to support it for very long. Building structures that provide increases in Gold is the first, best option.

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The best Holding to start improvements in is your realm capital, which is identified with a gold crown next to its name in the Domain tab. This is the best place to start since it has the highest development in your domain. That’s crucial since it will typically be the Holding with the best infrastructure and highest income, so it makes sense to start there first. The higher the development the more you get in taxes and Levies, plus the supply limit is increased as well. Since you’re building in your capital you will probably be able to build a Duchy building as well.

Using Charles the Bald as an example, his Paris capital is much more developed than the rest of his Holdings, plus he has a lot more building slots available. It produces 2.64 Gold per month, the rest of his Holdings only produce 0.4 Gold per month. Since Charles the Bald has Mansions, which produce 0.7 Gold per month, upgrading that would give an additional 0.4 Gold per month. Building Farms & Fields would give another 0.5 in taxes, Pastoral Lands 0.2, Hunting Grounds 0.2.

The advantage Pastoral Lands has over Farms & Fields is that it gives an additional 50 Levies and the advantage Hunting Grounds has over Pastoral Lands is that it also gives an additional 50 Levies plus it gives a Defender Advantage of 2, a Light Calvary Damage increase of 2%, and Light calvary Pursuit a 2% increase. If your mainly interested in Gold income at the start of the game Farms & Fields would be the best bet. Other empires will have similar options.

Build your second building in the Capital as well. Focus it on improving Men-At-Arms regiments, probably Archers. These are relatively cheap units that are vastly superior to any levies opposing Empires may throw against you. Once again, using Charles the Bald as an example, he would be able to build Archery Grounds, level 1 Archery Ranges, since the Duchy buildings are available. This building provides a 15% increase in Archers Damage and a 5% increase in their toughness, along with benefits to other units as well. To have this option available the Holding must be the de jure capital of a Duchy plus the person holding the duchy must have the relevant Duchy title.

If Duchy buildings are not available build Military Camps, level 1 Hide Tents. This will give you a 4% increase in archer damage, 2% increase in Skirmisher damage, and a 2% increase in Skirmisher pursuit. Archers are a great choice since early in the game since you’ll be facing mostly Light Infantry, and Archers are extremely effective at taking them out.

Continue to focus on the economy until you have a good, steady flow of Gold coming in. With that you’re ready to go to war and will have the economy to support it.

Another way to look at buildings is from an economic point of view. You can evaluate how much you gain in gold versus how much you spend and how long it takes to break even. For example, building Farms & Fields costs 150 Gold and gives a monthly income of 0.5 gold. At 0.5 Gold per month in income, and at a cost of 150 Gold it would take 25 years to break even. You can make the same calculation for other buildings. Keep in mind, however, that this is strictly from an economic point of view and does not factor in things like increasing the number of Levies or providing a defensive advantage.

What Are The Best Holdings in CK3 To Build?

Holdings in CK3 are Castles, Cities and Temples. Overall, at level 1, Castles give the biggest boost in Levies available, Cities give the biggest boost in Gold, Temples are somewhere in between the other two and give a boost to both Gold and Levies.

The most popular opinion among experienced gamers is that temples are the best holdings in CK3. Although temples are somewhere in between cities and castles when it comes to Levy and Gold increase, the fact that the higher the Court Chaplin’s opinion of you is and the more Temples he controls the more you can get in Taxes and Levies. With enough Temples you can get an increase in Taxes and Levies that can easily surpass the other two Holding types.

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