How To Make Streets In Frostpunk

Frostpunk is a unique survival game set in the 1800s. Although it has a grim setting it is a very enjoyable game. Building streets is a fundamental skill you need so all those buildings you construct actually work by connecting them to the Generator with a street.

There are two ways to build streets. Click the Construction icon, then click the Build Street icon that appears next to it. The other method is to build a street to the building under construction by clicking the Build Street icon that appears after the building is placed.

The second method is a lot easier to use when constructing a building.

Constructing Streets In Frostpunk

After selecting the Construction icon (it’s a hammer at the bottom of the screen) the Build Street icon will appear next to it. Click at another street that connects to the generator and then drag the street outline to where you want it to end and release the mouse button. Frostpunk citizens will build the streets during their free time (doesn’t sound like they have much fun!). Existing streets and streets to be built both appear as a green outline. To make it a little simpler the game lays out a white grid so you can see the possible paths you can use for the street.

The second, and easier method in my opinion (if placing a building) is to place the building where you want it. After the building is placed the Build Streets icon will appear somewhere above the construction site. It will be grayed out meaning that no streets are being constructed to connect it to the Generator.

Click the Build Streets icon above the construction site and click one of the points that appears along the outer edge of the building. Click and drag until the street meets up with an existing street then click again. The game will automatically lay out the street for you, no guesswork required like there is when constructing a street to where you think you might place a building. The icon will now be filled in with a red background, indicating streets are being built for the building.

No matter which method you use as you click and drag the game will display how much wood the street will cost.

If you have doubts about the street being built you can zoom in. If a street is under construction there will be marker poles along the path the street will take. If you have a street that is flashing yellow check and make sure it’s connected to the Generator.

If you’re trying to build a street and it’s highlighted in red, that means you have an invalid placement point or you don’t have enough wood. For example, you can’t build a street through a raw resource like a coal pile.

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Building Frostpunk Streets to Raw Resources

One thing I tried was constructing a street to a raw resource, like a pile of wood crates. After all, since the workers aren’t trudging through chest high snow after a street is built wouldn’t that make them a little more efficient? That would be a big benefit in the early game when resources are scarce. Unfortunately, that was not the case. In my scenario I assigned 15 citizens to gather wood from a pile of wood crates and looked at the stats both before and after the street was constructed.

All stats were identical before and after. The daily gain was 60 wood, efficiency was 100%, base efficiency was 100%, and the delivery rate of one employee remained at 6.7%. Too bad for my city, that would have been a nice boon to my economy in the early game.

Dismantling A Street In Frostpunk

Once a street has outlived its usefulness, like the sawmill it’s connected to has run out of resources and needs to be relocated, it’s also a good idea to dismantle the street connecting it to the generator. Click the Construction icon (hammer) and instead of clicking on the large build streets icon click on the smaller street icon that has a dull reddish background off to the lower right.

All streets will be highlighted in green. Start at the end point of the street you want to dismantle and drag it to the stopping point and release the mouse button. The street segments will change to red as you’re dragging. Street dismantling is done instantly and as you’re dragging the “Dismantling Streets” banner will tell you how much wood you will regain.

How To Make Prosthetics In Frostpunk

Prosthetics make it possible for amputees to become productive again. Until they get one they are unable to work.

The first step to building a Prosthetic is to gain access to it through research. The factory will need to be researched, which is a tier 2 technology that’s available for research after Drafting Machines have been researched. Once that’s done you need to construct a factory. You can que up as many prosthetics as you want but production won’t start until you have the necessary steel to build one.

Since it takes specialized skill to build a Prosthesis the factory needs to be staffed with Engineers and not Workers. Once the factory is staffed building prosthetics can begin at the cost of 10 steel per 1 prosthesis. Building one of these is fairly quick, especially if fully staffed, but a patient is not fitted with one right away.

You can see the status of the amputees by clicking on the amputees icon at the bottom of the screen (it won’t be there if you don’t have any). This will bring up a detailed list of all amputees and it will tell you want they are doing. Since they can’t work they’ll be doing things like resting or going to the fighting arena.

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You will also see which amputees are getting a prothesis and who is in line waiting to get one. Once an amputee is fitted with one you have regained a productive citizen.

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