Logitech Z623 THX Certified Speakers

The Logitech Z623 THX certified speakers are something I picked up for my new Alienware PC. This is a 2.1 system with two satellite speakers and one sub-woofer, pretty standard stuff as PC speaker systems go. The speakers look sleek, although the sub-woofer is what you would expect a sub-woofer to look like, boxy. These turned out to be a pleasant surprise and a real bargain. They are designed for gaming but can play music as well with exceptional quality.

I use these in my upstairs office when I’m working on my PC. The first thing I did when I got these was play some music and crank up the volume. I was impressed with the amount of volume these delivered without any distortion. They easily handled everything at three quarters of the volume with the bass completely cranked up. I tried them at full volume and still no noticeable distortion. Awesome, window-rattling sound!

I decided to try a couple of games and Stellaris was first. There was great voice clarity, and the quality of the game soundtrack was outstanding. I wanted to try a game with plenty of explosions, so I loaded up an old game of Battletech. The explosions sounded as realistic as any I had heard from any previous sound system I’ve had for gaming, and once again the voices were crystal clear.

The volume, power, and bass controls are all on the right speaker and are really easy to get to and adjust. I’ve had these for almost a year now and the speakers still don’t have that scratchy sound they sometimes develop when adjusting the volume. I like having the volume control within easy reach, it’s much more convenient than fiddling around with function switches or speaker icons on the desktop. I just set my volume using the PC controls to a high level so I have plenty of sound to work with, and then adjust it down to a tolerable level with the speaker volume control.

The headphone jack and aux out jacks are also on the side of the right speaker and are very easy to access and use as well. You can also connect other devices to them like a smartphone, TV, and game consoles.

Technical Stuff

There is no special software required to run these speakers, any of the major operating systems (Windows, MAC, Chromebook, etc) will automatically sense the speakers when they’re hooked up and install any needed drivers automatically.

Now for some technical aspects. The speaker system is rated at 200 watts RMS (400 watts peak) power and it has audio inputs for both RCA and 3.5mm input jacks. The speakers are solidly built and are well-balanced so they don’t tip over easily (our cats can’t even knock them over), plus they have rubber skid strips on the bottom so they don’t easily slide out of place.

The speakers are 5 inches wide, 5 inches deep and 8 inches high. They provide good sound while being barely noticeable behind my monitors.

When I unpacked this speaker system to set it up, I noticed that the sub-woofer was hefty, which was a good thing to me. It measures 10 inches deep by 12 inches wide by 11 inches high and fits very nicely on the shelf under my desk. The system was easy to set up and I had it running in about 15 minutes, tops. All the cables were long enough for me to route them the way I like them, which was out of sight as much as possible, which is never the shortest route.

Please don’t compare this sound system to something like a Sonos Sound Bar system since that’s a much more expensive option. For a much less expensive option these are great speakers for a PC and will take up very little room. These are a real bargain for around $200. You can read more about them at Amazon.