SINs of a Solar Empire Rebellion Interregnum

The SINs of a Solar Empire Rebellion Interregnum Mod is a total conversion mod. The current version as of the time of this article (1/3/2020) is Alpha 3.4. Currently the mod offers three new factions, the Galactic Empire, Imperial warlords, and Rebel Alliance, with a fourth still in the works, the New Republic. This mod adds a lot of variety and fun to an already great game, Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion.

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I’ve always loved Star Wars, which is the main reason I downloaded and installed it, and this mod did not disappoint me. I was impressed and pleasantly surprised by the game intro, it made me feel like I was at the movie theater watching Star Wars for the first time. Great start! While this mod stays true to the basic SINs concept of conquest and expansion the idea of building a Galactic Empire (or overthrowing it) in the Star Wars universe is a definite plus. And I even learned a new word, Interregnum, that I had to look up. Not only am I having fun but I’m increasing my vocabulary as well!

Entertainment Value

Of the three new available factions I found the Rebel Alliance the most familiar one to play. The tech tree layout was very similar to the traditional factions in SINs and it was a very short learning curve on my part to become comfortable with it. The Galactic Empire and Warlords factions were very different, at least to me, but very fun and interesting to learn new strategies for.

This mod also changes the faction name of the Pirates to the Mandalorian Mercenaries and brings several new hero units into the game, along with new, excellent, voice overs. It also adds new background music that pulls you into the Star Wars universe.

Just like the base game the action starts right away and while not overwhelming it sets a fast pace that you need to keep up with. You need to build up your infant fleet, explore and research, all while not letting any of your enemies gain a foothold in your territory. There is a definite sense of urgency to keep things moving or else become another shattered empire in galactic history.

Replay Value

I really like having more factions to choose from and, if you play on a big map as a single player you can battle up to eight enemy factions instead of five. This adds a lot of interest and replayability to the game.

SINs itself is a game I have trouble quitting and adding mods to it, like Interregnum, only adds to that problem (if you can call it that). The additional factions, heroes and random events makes the game all that much more a new and fun adventure in galactic exploration and conquest.


The new ranking system for the Galactic Empire and Warlords was one of the more noticeable things about this mod. Instead of researching fleet supply and crews separately it’s all rolled into one as a rank system. You gain access to more ships and crews simultaneously, at an added expense of course when compared to the costs of advancing in each area separately.

Each faction gets its own unique bonuses as well.

The Galactic Empire is ruled by Darth Vader. It has the best military infrastructure and gets bonuses in things like ship build time and crew training. The Galactic Empire can also resort to enslavement for dissident planets and use them as slave labor in mining operations. And like the Gestapo of World War II Germany, the empire can employ the Inquisitorius, a secret organization that is used to hunt down any remaining Jedi while spreading the influence of the dark side of the force. They also have access to the Executor class Star Dreadnaught.

The Warlords faction was born in the chaos following the Emperor’s death at the hands of the Triple Alliance at the Battle of Endor. This is a fragmented faction that excels in research and resourcefulness. Unable to match the other factions in sheer manpower they more than make up for this shortcoming through cloning. They can build the very expensive Advanced TIE Defender, one of the best fighter craft in the galaxy, and the Warlords will put the design up for sale to the highest bidder when needed. This faction can also build the Executor class Star Dreadnaught.

The Rebel Alliance is generally weaker in military force than the other factions, but specialized starfighter tactics, guerilla tactics and rapid strikes help counter this disadvantage. Since the Rebels are frequently on the run from Imperial and Warlord forces they are adept at building construction bases in the outer, uncolonizable fringes of space. This allows them to build up to four structures of any type. They have the starfighter doctrine, allowing them to increase the effectiveness of their strike craft. They can construct the Mon Calamari shipyard, giving them access to Mon Calamari Cruiser.

If you want to see how these factions stack up against the original SINs factions please go to our SINS Factions page.


A very extensive, deep mod that adds great depth and replayability to another already great mod, E4X (which you need to have installed so you can use this mod). This is definitely worth getting and installing, especially when you consider the additional factions and hero units. This greatly enhances the replayability of SINS of a solar Empire; Rebellion.

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Star Wars: Interregnum

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