Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion Mods

We’ve looked through dozens of mods (so far) and the Sins of a Solar Empire mods on this page are some of the best we’ve encountered to date. Each mod listed comes with a brief review and a recommendation, plus a download link making it easy for you to get it!

Most of these are mods for universes we’re familiar with, like Star Trek or Star Wars, but if one stands out, like Mass Effect, them it’s included too. We hope you enjoy reading about them.

You can read the SINs of a Solar Empire review at this page on our website.

Dawn of the Reapers. A total conversion mod from the Mass Effect universe.

Enhanced 4X. This mod adds hero units, embassies, and some ship customization. Fantastic addition to an already great game!

SINs of a Galactic Empire. This is a very good mod that gives a new look to a familiar game and places you in the Star Wars universe. It replaces the six base SINs factions with six from the Star Wars universe.

The most noticeable thing about this mod is that almost everything in the game now represents something in the Star Trek universe. It offers a customized interface for each faction, plus it replaces the Sins factions with five playable Star Trek factions.

Star Wars Interregnum. If there’s one thing special about an already special mod it’s the new game intro. It made me feel like I was back in the theater watching Star Wars for the very first time!

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