Total War Warhammer 2, What Is Aversion?

Total War Warhammer 2 is a turn-based game set in the Warhammer universe. Aversion is a game mechanic that is used to help balance out diplomacy and alliances.

Aversion is used for mostly diplomatic reasons and to help keep the game true to its storyline. It slows down and even prevents alliances between races that have been enemies since the dawn of time and that don’t make friends with each other easily. The higher a race’s aversion to you the more they naturally dislike you and the harder it is to make friends with them.

There are also races that have an affinity for you, which is the opposite of aversion. A race with an affinity for you will be the exact opposite of one with an aversion, they will be easier to trade and ally with.

Races with a high aversion to you can be made a little friendlier by giving them gifts like gold. Another way to reduce the overall effects of aversion is to fight a common foe, which is the age-old philosophy “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Making war or taking military action against a common foe will give you a higher approval rating with them and reduce tensions. Having treaties with someone they dislike or taking military action against someone they like will make relations worse.

You can see if there is any aversion between you and other races by using the diplomacy screen. The icon in the lower right corner of the screen with a hand and scroll activates the diplomacy screen. Once you click it the “Known Races” screen will appear. There are numerous stats at this screen but to see aversion you need to look at the “Attitude” column. By hovering over the face icon a tooltip will activate giving a breakdown of everything affecting that race’s attitude toward you.

At the top will be things they approve of about you and your country, like their leader liking you or they might like you taking military action or being at war with someone they don’t like. Below their likes will be a list of things they dislike about you, like their natural aversion to you, trespasses against their friends, or treaties with someone they don’t like. You can scroll down the list of known races and see what their aversion or affinity (if there is any) is toward you or toward each other.

This icon will also activate the world map. Each race’s territory will be highlighted in either red (negative attitude), green (positive attitude) or in yellow representing the race that is selected.

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What Is Attrition In Warhammer 2?

Attrition is losses your army suffers when it is in unfriendly or corrupted territory. Unfriendly territory isn’t necessarily an enemy race, it can also be hostile climate like snowy terrain, deserts and swamps that will cause troop loses. Physically bad environments are not the only factor though, attrition can be due to other causes, bankruptcy or not being able to control a home province as a few.

Corruption Is A Major Source of Attrition In Warhammer 2

Another major source of attrition is Corruption. With Corruption the land itself is unfriendly to you and your troops.

Some causes of attrition are race specific, like the Vampire Counts armies suffering an 11% attrition when they are in uncorrupted lands.

The best defense is to encamp your army so it will heal and then move out of inhospitable terrain as quickly as you can. Attrition is at its highest when a settlement is under siege. The settlement suffers a 50% loss in population due to a lack of supplies.

One good strategy to combat attrition is to only venture into inhospitable terrain when you plan to swiftly conquer an enemy settlement. Capturing it quickly will allow you to garrison your forces there and let them heal and gain reinforcements. If possible, give your troops extra movement points so they become less weakened by moving more quickly to their target, thus suffering less loses due to attrition.

There Are 3 Forms of Corruption In Warhammer 2

There are three forms of corruption in Warhammer 2, plus there is the untainted who remove corruption from the playing field. You can check corruption by placing your mouse cursor over a province or by selecting the province from the provinces list. You can activate the province list using the provinces icon at the top of the screen. The detailed information from that screen will give you a breakdown of all corruptions in the province, what the level of Public Order is, and how much it is increasing or decreasing per turn.

Skaven Corruption is produced by all Skaven races. The good thing about Skaven Corruption is that it cannot go any higher than 50%, and it also affects the Skaven themselves, causing a maximum of -5 to their Public Order. The best way to fight Skaven Corruption is to build Public Order buildings or eliminate them from your area and surrounding territories. They can be difficult to detect due to their Undercities, which can actually be built right underneath your own cities.

Vampiric Corruption is spread by the Vampire races. This is a more intense corruption that causes trees to die, gives the terrain a “Halloweenish” feel to it by producing howls and screams, and even an occasional ghost can be seen.

Chaos Corruption is spread by many factions besides Chaos, the Beastmen and the Cult of Pleasure spread it as well. The most effective way these races spread corruption is through a special ability their warriors have. After razing a settlement they can construct a shrine to their Chaos gods. These shrines, or monuments, help spread Corruption throughout the land.

The Untainted are the good guys and are the forces who fight and remove corruption. They use buildings and hero abilities to fight and remove corruption. The Empire, Dwarfs, High Elves and Lizardmen are among the races who do not spread corruption and try to cleanse it instead.

Corruption can be reduced through the use of Commandments if they are available to your faction, but you need to control the entire province before you can issue a commandment.

The Dwarves can reduce corruption by issuing the Venerate the Ancestors commandment, which gives a boost to Public Order as well. The Empire can reduce Corruption through the Sigmarite Dogma Commandment, Bretonnia by using the Realm of Chivalry commandment and High Elves by using Banish Corruption.

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Improve Public Order By Building Public Order Buildings

Bad things happen to Public Order if Corruption is left unchecked, and if it reaches -100 you have a revolt on your hands. When a revolt occurs a rebel army forms up out of nowhere close to the revoting city and continues to gain strength until dealt with, eventually attacking the city that created it. If the rebels succeed in capturing the city you will definitely lose control of it and the rebels may end up burning it to the ground out of pure hatred for your country.

You can improve Public Order by building Public Order buildings, not imposing any taxes on the province, by placing a Lord or Hero in the province, or by placing an army in the area. If the entire province is under your control you can improve Public Order by using a Commandment if your faction has access to them.

The Empire can make Public Order better by using the Host Festag Commandment, the Greenskins with the Camp Ruckus Commandment, the Dwarves with the Venerate the Ancestors Commandment (which also reduces Corruption), the Vampires with Repress Mortals, and Bretonnia with the Realm of Chivalry.

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