How To Use Civ 6 Vampires and Vampire Castles

Civ 6 Vampires are part of the Sanguine Pact, which is one of four Secret Societies. These Secret Societies are a DLC and must be enabled at the start of a game. You must own the Ethiopia Pack DLC to have access to Vampires.

Vampires and Vampire Castles in Civ 6 are used as combat units and defensive fortifications. Civ 6 Vampires are used as powerful Combat units since they are extremely hard to kill and gain strength from enemy units that are killed. A Vampire Castle is used to give defensive protection to tiles and significant production bonuses to your civilization.

If you don’t have a Vampire Castle built and the Vampire’s health falls to one during combat, the Vampire appears in the Capital instead.

Civ 6 Vampire Strategy

If you’re warlike and want a Domination Victory Vampires are built for war so they are a great unit to add to your arsenal. Starting with an empire geared for combat is the best way to start a game. There are lots of leaders and civilizations that are well-suited for a warlike approach and there are several leaders and nations that are favored by most experienced players for pursuing a Domination Victory.

Macedon with Alexander is a good choice for an aggressive approach and Vampires will fit right in. With Alexander leading Macedon his cities never get war weary. Aggression is encouraged for this leader/nation combo since capturing an enemy city with a Wonder in it heals all friendly units instantly. If you’re at war frequently your nation could fall behind in research, but Macedon gets a Eureka bonus every time it captures a city with an Encampment or Campus District in it plus it gets Inspiration if it has a Holy Site or Theater Square.

With Tomyris as the leader of Scythia all units get a combat bonus of +5 when fighting wounded enemy units, making aggression an excellent tactic. With a Vampire unit close by it can gather strength as these weakened units are finished off. Not only does destroying enemy units strengthen your Vampires, it can also boost a friendly unit’s health by as much as 30 hit points. A definite win-win.

There are other player/nation combos highly favored by experienced players but my choice for a nation/leader combo that is best suited for Vampires is Tomyris of Scythia.

How Do Vampires Gain Strength In Civ 6?

A Vampire’s strength starts at twenty but increases as your units become more powerful. Whatever the most powerful unit produced in one of your cities is becomes the base strength for your Vampires. A Vampire also gains strength when units die next to it, but the strength increase won’t show up when you place the cursor over the Vampire portrait. The only time you’ll see the strength increase is in the combat preview pane.

How Do You Get The Vampire Castle In Civ 6

You get Vampire Castles when you reach the medieval era and promote your Sanguine Pact Governor. By building a Vampire Castle you improve the defensive ranking of the tile. A Vampire Castle also adds all the yields for tiles it is next to and adds them to the value of its own tile. The extra production is given to your capital city, so placing it in a productive area is a great way to give a noticeable increase in resources to your capital.

It takes one charge for a Vampire to build a Vampire Castle and only a Vampire can build one. Charges are shared among Vampires and each Vampire you have provides one charge. If a Vampire uses a charge, then the number of charges is reduced for all Vampires. The unique thing about Vampires is that if a Vampire Castle gets removed then all Vampires regain one charge.

Can Vampires Be Killed In Civ 6

Although Vampires are hard to kill, they can be. Once their health points drop to one, they retreat to either a Vampire Castle or the Capital. Once there, if attacked, they can be killed.

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