Frostpunk Hope, Scouts, And Gathering Posts

Frostpunk How To Raise Hope

First and Foremost never break a promise. For example, if you promise to heat homes then heat them within the allotted time. Beating the time requirement of any promise will increase Hope, breaking a promise will cause Hope to fall, sometimes significantly and Discontent will rise.

To raise Hope in Frostpunk focus on the Book of Laws. All sets of laws have some laws that increase hope significantly, like a Propaganda Centre, Guard Towers, or House of Prayer.

Adaptation Laws That Raise Hope

After signing the Fighting Arena into law, which lowers Discontent, the Public House law becomes available. When passed and built, Hope will rise.

As part of your medical health care system, you can sign the Care House law into effect and build a Care House. This is a home for the gravely ill and amputees and frees up space in the Medical Posts. Hope in the city will rise since these people will be properly cared for.

People die in your city all too frequently due to the cold and having a place to bury them will at least raise hope slightly. Signing the Cemetery law into effect will allow you to build a cemetery so people can be properly buried, eliminating the risk of disease from decaying bodies. If you have Ceremonial Funerals the loss of Hope will be halved when someone dies.

Everybody worries about their kids while at work. Passing and building Child Shelters will keep them out of trouble while parents are at work and will give a lift to Hope. This law can also lead to educating them to work as apprentices in either the medical or technological field.

Faith And Spiritual Growth Laws That Raise Hope

Building a House of Prayer gives a significant increase in Hope. It also allows sermons to be preached at both the Temple and House of Prayer. Hope rises when people living nearby get together and pray.

Public Penance is an ability given to Faith Keepers by passing the law. Each time there is a Public Penance Hope rises and some people will even abandon the Londoners. Discontent also goes down each time this ability is used but it can cause injuries, and as a side effect, it can also cause a rise in Discontent.

Building a Temple will increase hope and enables you to conduct ceremonial services at the cost of 20 food rations. If the appropriate laws are passed it also gives you the ability deliver sermons which raise hope slightly and enable the Faith Keepers to go to every door in the city to spread and enforce the word of the Captain (Protector of the Truth), which decreases discontent. Hope will rise and discontent will fall with Evening Prayers when the law is passed, which also costs 20 food rations to use. A temple can also cause wrongdoers, or the Londoners, to recant and mend their evil ways.

A House of Healing not only heals people, it can also be staffed by Workers as well as Engineers. The “gentle care and words of Scripture” gives a boost to their hope as well.

Passing the Shrines law gives you access to this new building. Building one close to a workplace raises hope and has the added bonus of increasing productivity.

An event may occur when a priest asks you to cut the Public House hours of operation down by two. Hope will rise but the effects of the Public House will diminish by 20%.

And then there is the ultimate law, why deal with Hope when you can simply do away with it? Passing the New Faith law does exactly that. Hope becomes obedience and the Londoners are forced to renounce their views. Of course, some shortsighted fools will feel compelled to doubt your words and will fight you, so some of them will die but Hope will no longer be an issue.

Order And Discipline

Neighborhood Watch enables you to build a watchtower. People living close to one will feel safer causing Hope to rise.

Guard Stations law. Guard stations are actually upgrades for Watchtowers, but they can also be built separately. These also raise the Hope of people living close by and have the added benefit of lowering Discontent by breaking up protests. Once you pass the Guard Station law you can later pass the Patrol law, which gives the Patrol ability to the guard tower. Patrols raise hope and lower discontent.

Once Guard Stations have been signed into law you can become a little more radical and pass the Prison law. This rounds up “wrongdoers” (Londoners) and forces them down a more enlightened path, one that does not involve the Londoners.

After building a prison even more effective means can be used against wrongdoers. The Forceful Persuasion law gives a new ability to the Prison to do just that. In the hands of a skillful Persuader, it reduces the time it takes to enlighten prisoners to their wrongful ways without too much injury. With a less skillful Persuader the amount of time is still reduced but some prisoners might be hurt or even killed. The needs of the many…

The Guard Stations law when passed also gives access to the Propaganda Centre law. This allows you to build a Propaganda Centre which raises hope and provides a detailed breakdown all the sources of Discontent. It also has the ability to issue bulletins which raises Hope. When the Propaganda Centre is built it provides a significant boost in Hope.

The next natural step for raising Hope in your city is a Pledge of Loyalty, which is available after the Propaganda Centre law has been passed. People will be “persuaded” to sign a Pledge of Loyalty and will secretly inform on each other. This gives a permanent boost to Hope.

Similar to the Faith and Spiritual Growth laws you can make problems with Hope a thing of the past by passing the New Order law. Londoners will be forced to give up their radical views and as a method of persuasion a public executions space will be built. Some of the Londoners will be killed when the law is passed but the city will finally be united under your benevolent, kind and gentle rule. Using the execution space will provide a significant reduction in Discontent.

How Do You Get Scouts In Frostpunk?

Scouts are your expeditionary force. Without them you won’t gain the valuable resources and survivors your city so desperately needs.

To get Scouts in Frostpunk you need to research the Beacon and then build it. Once it’s built select it to create a Scout Team which costs 40 wood and 5 workers, Engineers are too valuable to send out scouting so they can’t be enlisted on a scout team.

You can create a team of Scouts by clicking on the white plus sign with the blue background after selecting the Beacon. Once clicked the Scout Team is created and the view switches to a map of the entire vicinity around the city of New London. You can then send them to their first destination.

Forstpunk How To Send Out Scouts

To send Scouts out into the wilderness you first need to select them. Once selected choose the location on the map you want to send them to. Click on the green arrow that appears at the location to send them there.

If the command is successful there will be a message at the top of the screen that the Scout unit is being sent to the location you selected and how many hours it will take for them to get there. If the Scouts don’t take the command, make sure they are selected before issuing the order to go to a certain location.

Frostpunk Where To Find Steam Cores

Scouts are the ONLY way to gain more steam cores. One of the first places to find a steam core at is the Sturdy Shelter, along with a few other resources. If you follow the suggested path the next opportunity to gain steam cores is at the Steel Bridge. You will find an Automaton that you can either send back to the city or dismantle to gain two steam cores.

But by far the best source of steam cores is Tesla City, which is in the opposite direction of the path your Scout Team is probably taking. This makes having a second Scout Team even more important. Once they enter Tesla City and survive you can set up an Outpost there that will deliver a Steam Core to the city almost every day (every 25 hours).

Frostpunk Gathering Posts, Worth It? Why Even Build Them?

Are Frostpunk Gathering Posts Worth it? The tables below speak for themselves. Not only are Gathering Posts better on a Worker-by-Worker basis, they also outproduce Workers on resource piles with less Workers. They also provide protection from the cold, which means less Workers becoming sick.

Worker production per hourWorkersWoodCoalSteel
Gathering Post10.72.4.5
Resource Pile15.41.2.27
Total production per hourWorkersWoodCoalSteel
Gathering Post107245
Resource Pile156184

The disadvantages? They cost resources while you can assign Workers to resource piles for no cost. Each Gathering Post costs 15 wood and 5 steel to construct.

Another disadvantage, depending on how you look at it, is that they gather resources from all resource piles within range. If you want to gather coal only you need to be careful not to place it within range of another resource like steel. Since a Gathering Post gathers resources from anything within range it will divide up the workforce accordingly so you will get less of the intended resource than you counted on.

There are two research options that increase production although they so not apply to the building itself. Faster Gathering allows workers to gather resources 15% faster, both at Gathering Posts and resource piles. Efficient Gathering increases gathering another 15% for both resource piles and Gathering Posts.

How To Survive The Storm

The key to surviving the Frostpunk Storm is fast research. Build two Workshops as soon as you can so you can get 130% research speed, and then at least two more whenever you can (see my Build Order page for a lot more info). Before the Storm hits you should have the heat branch of the technology tree fully researched.

Before the Storm hits you also need to have plenty of resources stockpiled. For my last playthrough I needed a week’s worth of food for every citizen, which was 3,342 food rations for 623 people. I never did receive a goal for a coal supply, probably because I already had so much stockpiled. At the start of the Storm I had 2,003 units of coal and at the end of the Storm I had 5,075 units of coal because I had Automatons working three Advanced Coals mines at 90% efficiency. Heating was not a problem.

Use every single steam core at your disposal to run Coal Mines first and then whatever else your needs are, like Infirmaries, next. There are a lot more tips about winning Frostpunk at my Frostpunk survival page.

You can also survive Frostpunt with only tents for shelter, but your people will be a lot happier and healthier with houses. I always put that off until last but with a few extra tents on hand you can even build houses during the storm with leaving anyone homeless and exposing them to the Storm. Visit my Tents or Houses page to learn how to do that.

Frostpunk Child Labor or Child Shelters?

So, what’s the best use for the kids? Work them to gain more production, or nurture them by educating them so they can help out in the technical or medical fields?

The best option is to educate them to help out in the Workshops. When in a Child Shelter they can contribute 20% or more to the research effort at the Workshop they are assigned to.

In the Adaptation Book of Laws there are a total of five paths you can choose for your children to take. The first law is Child Labour-Safe Jobs or Child Shelters. Child Labour Safe Jobs allows you kids to work at jobs that aren’t dangerous, like at Cookhouses or Hothouses or Gathering resources. They are not allowed to be assigned to the more dangerous jobs. Hope will fall when this law is passed and even though they are working in “safe” jobs they can still be injured.

The other option is the Child Shelters law. This law forces you to build at least one Child Shelter or break your promise, which has a lot of negative consequences. Child Shelters will keep the kids safe and will give a permanent Hope bonus. A child Shelter only holds 15 Children so you may need to build more to gain additional benefits from the children.

If you take the Child Labour path the next option is Child Labour-All Jobs. This means the kids can work almost anywhere but they can still be injured, or even die, while at work. The risks of them getting injured are much higher. This law will cause Hope to fall and Discontent to rise. It can’t be passed if your Hope is too low.

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If you took the Child Shelters path you can choose which educational path you want the kids to take, Medic or Engineer. Medic allows them to help out at medical facilities and Engineer allow them to help out in Workshops. Children have to be in a Child Shelter first before they can assist in those fields.

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