Rise of Nations Cheat Codes

Popular cheat codes for Rise of Nations. You can add resources, turn an enemy into your best buddy, change tech levels, and even add a wild bird wherever you want to. The wild bird serves no purpose but it’s fun!

Add to all resources“Cheat resources all” plus a numberFor example, adding 1000 to the end of the command adds 1000 to all five resources in the game.Cheat resources all +1000
Add/subtract resources“cheat resource” plus a resource name plus a number.Adds or takes away resources to or from what resources you already have. Resources are timber, food, metal, wealth, and knowledge.Cheat timber +500
Alliances“cheat ally” plus the nation’s name or color.Turns the nation you name into an ally.Cheat ally Joan of Arc Cheat ally blue
Change ages“cheat age” plus the age. The age is represented by a number, with zero being the Ancient Age. Adding a nation name or color to the end of the command changes the age for that nation.Moves you to a different ageCheat age 4 Aztecs
Change civic level“cheat civic” plus the civic name plus a numberMoves your nation to the selected civic level.Cheat civic military 4
Change civic level for another nation“cheat civic” plus the civic name plus the nation’s name or colorMoves another nation to the named civic level.Cheat civic military 4 Greeks
Change tech levels“cheat library” plus the level number.Increases all the tech levels to the specified level.Cheat library 3
Change tech levels for another nation“cheat library” plus the level number plus the nation name or color.Increases all the tech levels to the specified level for the named nation.Cheat library 3 Greeks
Change the difficulty level“cheat diff” plus difficulty level.Changes the difficulty level of the game with zero being the easiest level.Cheat diff 2
Complete a building“cheat finish”Finishes the selected building or finishes the next building in the build sequence.Cheat finish
Computer controlled nation“cheat computer” plus the nation’s nameChanges the specified nation from player to computer controlCheat computer Koreans
Create a building or unit“cheat add” plus the number of items plus the name of the unit or buildingCreates a new building(s) or unit(s) wherever the mouse cursor is located.Cheat add 2 pikemen
Create a unit or building for another nation“cheat add” plus the number of items plus the name of the unit or building plus the color of the nation. If no number is entered then only one will be created.Creates a new building(s) or unit(s) wherever the mouse cursor is located for the named nation.Cheat add 2 pikemen blue
Damage to building“cheat damage” then + or -, and then a number.Must select the building first. This either increases or decreases the damage done to a building. A minus sign increases the damage.Cheat damage -500
Defeat a nation“cheat defeat” plus the nation’s name or color.Ends the game for the nation you entered in the cheat code.Cheat defeat Joan of Arc
Display the entire map“cheat reveal” and then either “on” or “off”Reveals the entire game map or hides any unexplored territory.Cheat reveal on
Display your achievements“cheat achieve”Activates the game stats screenCheat achieve
Exploration“cheat explore” plus the word normal, explored, or all.“Explored” reveals territory but does not remove the fog of war; “all” reveals all territory and removes the fog of war, “normal” returns the map to showing only explored territory.Cheat explore all
Human players“cheat sandbox”Makes all the nations in the game human controlled.Cheat sandbox
Kill units“cheat die”Kills all the selected units.Cheat die
Meet a nation“cheat meet” plus the nation’s colorReveals the name of an unknown nationCheat meet blue
Nuke ‘em“cheat nuke”Drops a nuke at the mouse position, even if that technology is not available to you.Cheat nuke
Peace!“cheat peace” plus the nation’s name or colorMakes peace with an enemy.Cheat peace Aztecs
Player controlled“cheat human” plus the nation’s name or colorChange the specified nation from computer to player controlCheat human Mongols
Unmeet a nation“cheat unmeet” plus the nation’s name or color.Changes a nation’s status to “Computer”Cheat unmeet orange
War“cheat war” plus the nation’s name or colorDeclares war on a nationCheat war Aztecs
Wild bird“cheat bird”I don’t know why but this is a cheat code that drops a wild bird at the mouse position. Fun!Cheat bird

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