Stellaris Influence, Gaining It And Using It

In Stellaris Influence is considered an “abstract resource,” meaning you can’t see, feel, or touch it. It’s a foundational resource when it comes to your empire’s expansion. All empires start out with a base production of 3 influence points per month. Influence ebbs and flows, sometimes for no apparent reason, at least to me, so I put together this page to help me, and hopefully you, out.

Influence has changed a lot since the 3.3 update, which has resulted in a major rewrite for this page.

Stellaris Influence is affected by certain Edicts, Power Projection, Technologies, Civics, Ethics and Traditions. Some of its uses include building Outposts, Diplomatic Actions, Pacts, and Agreements and Treaties.

Factions & Power Projection

Factions used to produce Influence but with the Libra 3.3 update that is no longer true, factions produce Unity instead. What’s taken its place if anything? Power Projection.

Power Projection is based on your used naval capacity as compared to your empire size, which used to be empire sprawl. If your naval capacity usage is one-half the size of your empire size, you get the maximum benefit of +2.0 influence per month. For example, if your empire size is 800 and you have a naval capacity usage of 400 then you get the maximum of 2.0 influence per month. If your naval capacity usage is 200 then you would get 1.0 Influence gain per month instead. More than 400 naval capacity usage, or more than 50% of your empire size, still only gives you the maximum of 2.0 Influence gain per month.

Although it’s mentioned later in this article, the Imperial Government Authority gives a bonus of 1 Power Projection to Influence, meaning you can gain 3 Influence per month based on your fleet size instead of the base number of 2. If your used naval capacity is equal to one-half of your empire size or more, you will get 3 Influence from Power Projection instead of the base number of 2.

As for the factions themselves, they no longer cost or produce any Influence at all. The Influence icon at the top of the screen will give you a breakdown of what is bringing in Influence and what it is being spent on if you hover the mouse cursor over it.

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Technology is one method to reduce the cost of using Influence. There are 3 areas of research, Engineering, Society and Physics but Society is the area to focus on if you’re interested in making your use of Influence more effective.

The Interstellar Campaigns Technology reduces the influence costs for Claims by 10%.

The Galactic Campaigns Technology reduces Influence claims costs by 10% and reduces the effect of War Exhaustion by 10%.


Ethics can give you Influence boosts. It’s best to decide on these during game setup since switching Ethics during the game can be very costly.

  • Fanatic Authoritarian Ethic adds 1 Influence per month
  • Authoritarian Ethic adds .5 Influence per month
  • Gestalt Consciousness provides a monthly Influence gain of 1. It also reduces War Exhaustion by 20% and gives you a +2 Encryption bonus.

Ethics can also give overall reductions to the cost of spending Influence.

  • Fanatic Militarist reduces the Influence cost for Claims by 20%. It also gives your ships an increased firing rate of 20% (for those who prefer a less diplomatic style of play).
  • Militarist reduces the Influence cost for Claims by 10%. It also gives your ships an increased firing rate of 10%
  • Fanatic Xenophobe reduces the Influence cost for Starbases by 40%, plus it provides a pop growth speed bonus of 20%
  • Xenophobe reduces the Influence cost for Starbases by 20%, plus it provides a pop growth speed bonus of 10%

Government Authority

The Imperial Government Authority gives a bonus of 1 Power Projection meaning you can gain 3 Influence per month based on your fleet size instead of the base number of 2.


The Expansion Tradition, Reach for the Stars, reduces Starbase Influence costs by 10%. In the same Tradition tree Galactic Ambition reduces Starbase upkeep by 20%.

The Domination Tradition, Colonial Viceroys, gives a monthly Influence gain of .5 per month.

By simply adopting the Diplomacy Tradition you get a reduction of 50% for Diplomatic Influence costs.

Ascension Perks

The Interstellar Dominion Ascension perk reduces the Influence cost of Claims by 20% and reduces the Influence cost of building a Starbase 20%.

The Shared Destiny Ascension Perk reduces Subject Integration costs by 50%.


The Will to Power ambition gives 5 additional Influence points per month until cancelled and costs Unity to enact. It also takes a monthly investment of Unity to keep it active.


Federations are another way to both use and gain Influence. Inviting someone into a Federation, forming a Federation, and asking to join a Federation all cost Influence points. If the Diplomacy Tradition has been adopted those Influence costs are halved.

Becoming the President of a Federation can give you additional Influence, depending on the type of Federation it is. For example, becoming the President of a Galactic Alliance will give you 1 additional Influence per month at level 3.


You can have up to 3 Rivals which will give you a total of 1.5 additional Influence income per month. You must have either Terrible or Tense relations with them and their power, when compared to yours, cannot be Overwhelming or Pathetic. Declaring a Rivalry is considered a Diplomatic Action.


Khan’s Throne. It reduces the cost of making claims by 10%. Ship weapons damage is also increased by 20% and Militarist Ethics Attraction is increased by 25%.

The Galatron. Diplomatic weight is doubled and you receive 3 additional Influence points per month. The relic also generates random resources for your empire.

Influence Uses

One of the biggest uses of Influence early in the game is building Outposts to expand your empire with. An Outpost is how you lay claim to a new system, and it costs 75 Influence (prior to any modifiers) for every hyperlane away from your borders. For example, a system next to your borders costs75 Influence but a system that is 2 hyperlanes away costs 150, but there are ways to reduce the cost.

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You can Guarantee Independence for someone at the cost of .25 Influence per month. What this means is that if the empire is attacked you will come to its defense. You can Guarantee Independence for up to 3 empires.

Non-Aggression Pacts, Research Agreements, Commercial Pacts and Migration Treaties will each cost you .12 Influence per month for each type. It takes a minimum of positive relations to enter into one of these agreements. One way to get an agreement is to offer one through the Contacts screen. If your relations need improving send an envoy. You can also do a quick scan at the Contact screen to see how many of each type of agreement you have and with whom.

A Defensive Pact will cost you .5 Influence points per month. You need to have Excellent relations with another empire before you can propose one.

Influence is used when making Claims on other empire’s star systems and the claimed systems can be used as wargoals in the event of a war. The base cost for a claim is 50 Influence, prior to any modifiers, that is within one hyperlane of your borders. Claims costs increase for each hyperlane the target is located away from your border, plus the cost increases by another 25 Influence if the system has a starbase or colony. If it has both then claim cost is increased by 50 Influence.

Gateways cost 100 Influence and Habitats cost 150 Influence for the initial build.

Influence is used to construct Megastructures. Although the rest of the Megastructures doesn’t require any Influence building the Megastructure Site does cost 300 Influence.

These are most of the common things affecting Influence, but it is by no means complete

Things No Longer Using Influence

Unity instead of Influence is now used for things like swaying elections or supporting a candidate during elections.

Relics no longer cost Influence to activate, they now use Unity instead.

The Living State Technology used to give you one additional point of Influence for factions but that is no longer the case, it now gives a 10% Unity bonus instead. The same is true for Autonomous Agents for a Gestalt Consciousness, you no longer get additional Influence from factions.

Factions start appearing after 10 years of game time and there must be at least 5 pops supporting it. Factions no longer provide additional Influence but give gains in Unity instead.

When you are reforming a government you are actually changing Civics, which now costs Unity instead of Influence.

Most Planetary Decisions used to cost influence, but the cost has been changed to Unity instead. There are no planetary decisions that I am aware of that still cost Influence. Below is a list of the former costs:

  • Decisions that used to cost 25 Influence
    • Launch Anti-Crime Campaign
    • Negotiate with Crime Lords
    • Expel Excess Population
    • Declare Population Controls
    • Discourage Planetary Growth
    • Cease Robot Production
    • Planetary Prospecting. Also costs 500 energy and takes 180 days to complete
    • Project Corucopia, also uses 500 energy. Takes 180 days to complete
  • Decisions that used to cost 50 Influence
    • Declare Martial Law
    • Deploy Hunter-Killer Drones
    • Activate Compliance Protocols
    • Implement Divine Algorithm, takes 360 days to finish
    • Consecrate World
  • Decisions that used to cost 100 Influence, some have additional costs
    • Mastery of Nature, also costs 2,000 energy. Takes 360 days to complete.
    • Create Penal Colony
    • Create Resort World
    • Create Thrall World
  • Decisions that used to cost 200 Influence
    • Restore Ecumenopolis additionally costs 20,000 minerals. Takes 3,600 days to complete
    • Arcology Project, also costs 20,000 minerals. Takes 3,600 days to complete.
  • Galactic Market Hub Nomination used to cost 150 Influence and 1,000 energy
  • Boost Nomination Bid used to cost 300 Influence plus 2,000 energy. It is used to increase the likelihood the planet will be chosen as the future home of the Galactic Market.

Below is a list of all edicts that used to cost Influence but now cost Unity instead.

Capacity SubsidiesIncreases Technician’s output
Diplomatic GrantsOne additional Envoy
Drone OverdriveDrone output increased
Encourage Political ThoughtThere is a 100% chance that your ethics will shift
Evacuation ProtocolsGives a boost to colony development and reduces resettlement costs
Expanded Breeding ProgramPop growth speed and pop happiness in increases
Extended ShiftsResource output from workers and slaves increased
Extensive Sensor SearchesSensor range and ship hyperlane detection range is increased
Farming SubsidiesIncreases Farmer’s output
Fleet SupremacyHigher ship starting experience and build speed
Forge SubsidiesIncreases Metallurgist’s output
Fortify the BordersLets you upgrade starbases faster and lets you support more starbases
Greater Than OurselvesEncourages resettlement for those who are unemployed
Improved Working EnvironmentResearch speed in Statecraft and Biology technology is increased. Happiness is also increased
Improved Working EnvironmentConsumer goods upkeep is reduced, and Industrial and Materials research speed is increased
Industrial SubsidiesIncreases Artisan’s output
Information QuarantineEmpire stability is increased, and the governing ethic’s attraction is increased
Land of OpportunityImmigration pull and pop growth from immigration are both increased
Map the StarsSurvey speed is increased plus there is a better chance of finding anomalies
Master’s Teaching: Philosophical MindsetSociety research speed and leader pool size are both increased
Master’s Teachings: Diplomatic TrustThe growth of trust in your empire is increased
Master’s Teachings: The Greater GoodBuilding and district cost are reduced, planetary build speed is increase
Master’s Teachings: Warring StatesNaval capacity is increased and army upkeep costs are decreased
Mining SubsidiesIncreases Miners output
Numistic VisualizationConsumer goods upkeep is reduced and research speed for Statecraft technology and monthly energy credit income is increased.
Nutritional PlenitudePop growth speed, Biological and Lithoid happiness are increased at the expense of more empire sprawl and pop and food upkeep increases
Peace festivalsHappiness is increased and there is a greater attraction for the Pacifist ethic
Research SubsidiesIncreases Researcher’s output
Sacrifice: BountyEnergy output, mineral output, pop growth speed are increased. An event is triggered, “A Sacrifice made: Bounty for the” plus the player empire’s name
Sacrifice: HarmonyIncreases happiness and pop growth speed. An event is triggered, “A Sacrifice Made: Human Harmony”
Sacrifice: TogethernessIncreases in Unity and pop growth speed. An event is triggered, “A Sacrifice Made: Human Togetherness”
Veneration of the SaintsPriest’s output increased and Spiritual Ethics Attraction is increased

These are most of the common things affecting Influence, but it is by no means complete. With Stellaris ever evolving an article can never be completely up-to-date or be able to cover everything. The intent of this article is to cover as much of the basics as possible in the current state the game, which is Libra 3.3.

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