Is A Stellaris Colossus Worth Building?

A Colossus is a planet killer that cannot target enemy ships, just enemy planets. They come with only one hull type but can be outfitted with several different weapons after researching the corresponding technology. Since they cannot be a part of a fleet, they do not use command points.

A Colossus gives you the ability to wage Total War. In a Total War any systems you occupy at the end of a war are automatically yours. This eliminates the need to use precious Influence making claims. A Colossus is also well suited for bypassing Fortress worlds.

A Colossus is a planet killer. Like other ships, including the Titan, it’s weapons loadout and defenses can be adjusted to counter whatever the enemy is throwing at you at the time. Compared to the Titan it has almost twice the hull strength, 18,800 for the Titan versus 30,00 for the Colossus, so like the Titan it can take a considerable pounding. Its drawback when compared to the Titan is that it has a considerably less weapons and defensive slots, plus it can’t make your fleets any more effective like a Titan can.

A Titan has seven weapon slots and 12 defensive slots compared to one weapons slot for the Colossus and 6 defensive slots for shield and armor. Additionally, the Colossus has no slots for auxiliary components like auxiliary Fire Control. When compared to a Titan that has not been upgraded it also has a slightly slower sub light speed. The Colossus also has no area of effect weaponry like a Titan has so it will not boost the offensive or defensive capabilities of a fleet.

Like any other Stellaris ships the Reactor, Hyper Drive and Thruster can be upgraded.

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What Does the Colossus Do In Stellaris

The Colossus destroys entire worlds either by blowing them apart or by destroying all life on the planet but using it could have serious repercussions. By destroying a planet, you will be in Breach of Galactic Law if the Reverence for Life resolution has been passed, which bans the use of World Crackers. If your empire is the home of the Galactic Market you will lose that benefit immediately.

Your empire will also suffer a 40% reduction in diplomatic weight when it comes to fleet power and army upkeep will increase by 5%. The plus side to all this is that Defense Army Morale increases by 15% and War Exhaustion increases at a 5% slower rate.

I personally don’t like using a Colossus to destroy or purify planets simply because invading a planet with troops is faster and the planet can be used by my empire much faster.

The great thing about having a Colossus is the option to wage total war and wipe someone out and gain control of all their territory. With the constant threat of planetary destruction looming over the enemy civilization’s head it increases their war exhaustion much faster after you fire it the first time.

Stellaris Colossus Weapons

Humanoids have access to two weapon types for the Colossus. The first weapon is a World Cracker. This weapon superheats the planet’s atmosphere and disturbs the planet’s core, setting it up for the final death blow of a concussive blast that literally blows the planet apart by cracking it wide open.

The second weapon that is initially available (you get your choice of weapons as the Colossus project ensues) is the Neutron Sweep. This weapon destroys material and biological life on the planet, but it does not blow it apart. Once the Neutron Sweep is finished all that remains of the planet is a barren rock with no life at all left on it.

World Cracker
Neutron Sweep

When it comes to the ship stats weapons make no difference. Production time is still 3600, upkeep is 30.02 energy credits (depending on the ship configuration) and 9.80 alloys and the Colossus costs 9319.50 alloys to build.

How Do You Unlock Colossus Stellaris?

The first step to gaining access to a Colossus is unlocking the Colossus Project Ascension Perk. To unlock it you first need to have three other Ascension Perks unlocked and need to have Titan technology researched.

Once the Colossus Project Ascension Perk is chosen and you have access to Titans a Special Project will be assigned in the Situation Log. The game will give you a notification that your “scientists will engineer one of the largest hull configurations the galaxy has ever known…” and the Colossus Project will become available for research. Researching it will stop research on any other Engineering projects and will cost 5,000 research and take about 120 months, depending on how much research capability your empire has.

Stellaris Colossus How To Build It

Once the research for the Colossus is finished the task is still not over. The next step to building a Colossus is to upgrade at least one starbase to a Citadel. Once that’s done a Colossal Assembly Yard must be built, then construction can start on a Colossus.

How Many Colossus can you have in Stellaris?

You can only have one Colossus unless you’re the Federation President, then you have can have control of two.

Stellaris Colossus Size

The size of a Colossus is the biggest in the game (currently). It has 3,000 hull points, 600 armor, 1200 shield power, an evasion rating of 2%, and a speed of 121.

Stellaris Colossus Firing

It takes a long time to charge and fire a Colossus weapon. Once positioned over the planet the weapon needs to be charged to 100% before firing, which takes 3 months in game time. It then takes 1 month to completely fire the weapon. When fired the planet is either blown apart or all biological life is destroyed, depending on the weapon.

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